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What if being in a movie meant you got to play a video game to create the film? 


Welcome to the Laser Blade Series of "The Adventures of Johnny Laser".


Here are some storyline sneak peeks:


What if good and evil partnered to take out their mutual enemies?


What if there really is a secret story of earth's history?


Watch the unfolding of sci-fi adventure stories spread across timelines, dimensions, galaxies, and supernatural gods.


The creators of the Laser Blade story are inviting you to be involved in building the characters, the animations, the voiceovers, and more.


Go to the webinar that explains all the details of how you participate.



The Future of Comics as Gaming Film Productions.

Concert Announcements:

Move Beyond Dreaming, Dare the Releasing.



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SaaS solutions for Events, creators, producers, and businesses.

laser blade:

a comic gamer film

When you are driven to write a song, write a book, or brush visions on canvas, it calls you into creating the thing until you do the thing. 

The Challenge is to Face our Fears and Move

Through the Anxiety that's Holding You Back.

New Mexico has voted to legalize cannabis. Now they have set April 1, 2022, as the first day of legal retailing, consumption spaces, etc.


Toke Stock Live covers New Mexico's entry into it the industry. We will be interviewing the builders, growers, retailers, and researchers going forward.


If you've ever wanted to be in the cannabis industry, it's a great pleasure to learn where to safely enjoy the entertainment value of cannabis.


You'll discover new artists, entertainers, places to dine, and places to enjoy great wine.


TokeStock.Live will be launching its first webisode on September 22, 2021, to announce its' opening and those that will be a part of this global live streaming event.


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Advanced Digital Innovation

In Development Now:


Streaming Media Station


In Development Now: Outsourcing Ageny Services

Flip Zine Magazine Services

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Pod Deli

Global Blockchain Association

Pod Zilla

Food & Cannabis Grow Pods

Growing food is quickly becoming a global issue and there are resources, and technology innovators addressing this issue via hydroponics.


Pod Zilla is the creation of food growing containers that are portable, self-powered, and feature automated watering processes.


The Drop-N-Grow Design was pioneered to grow food in thirty days, or cannabis on near auto-pilot.


To bring nutrients to places without power or proper water, we present the turnkey solution that can be built to order and delivered to you dinner table.


There are food shortage solutions, and those solutions are in a Pod Zilla system.


Stop Starving and Start Growing.

New Comic Gamer Film Production: